I think many of you will agree that yearly collaboration of H&M with designer brands are one of the most awaited fashion events of the year. As we know these limited edition collections are normally sold out within hours.

Last year when Balmain collection hit the stores,  I entered H&M 15 minutes after its opening (because of a big line) and everything was already sold out!  Can you believe it! After 15 minutes! I did not even have a chance to see one piece.

Lessons learned. This year, for KENZOxHM collection, I have decided to stay home and try to purchase it online. This “strategy” was more successful 🙂 After one hour of constantly updating H&M website (due to the large traffic it was down), I could finally login. From then on it was just a matter of minutes to quickly scroll to my favorites (two-sided dress, a blue top and a pink scarf) and add them in a shopping basket.
Happy that I had them already in my basket, I browsed for a couple of more minutes through the collection. The funny thing (at that time didn’t seem very funny though) when I returned to my basket to check it out, I discovered that the dress was already sold out 🙁 I browsed around for just a few minuets!!!  The bright sight of the story is that I have saved 100 euro that I would have paid for the dress.
Eventually I ended up with  these beautiful blue top and outstanding pink scarf which I fell in love with from the first sight!



Conclusion: Based on my experience from previous years,  I think, for this type of sales, buying online is the best option. The chances are higher that you actually can get a piece. Though you need to be fast.  It is best to decide  beforehand what you are planning to buy and in which size. And quickly check them out, otherwise your size might be sold out. Every second counts.
The only uncomfortable part of ordering online is that your purchase arrives in a week time.  While those who bought it from the stores are already “showing off” their new pieces, you still have to wait a week. But at least you will have it.

Do you also have a piece from KENZOxHM?  I would love to see it! Please share the link to your page below, so I can visit your website 🙂

 This is it for this time. Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below.

Till next time!



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