DIY: Hat Decoration

Hi lovelies,
How are you all doing? Today I am going to share with you a simple DIY idea on how to decorate your hat. It’s very easy to make ( took me probably 15min. to make 2 different hat-decorations)! With this simple tutorial you can always wear “different” hats while having only one 🙂 Are you ready? Let’s get started!

For this project you will need:

  • a hat (obviously :)) 
  • ribbon (or something else that can go around the band of the hat).
  • velcro
  • scissors
  • thread & needle
  • lighter ( not a must)


Step 1: Put your ribbon around the band of the hat. Make sure your ribbon covers all of the band and goes a couple of centimeters over the starting point.

Step 2: Cut the remaining part of the ribbon.
Step 3: Cut a piece of velcro. Make sure the piece has the width of your ribbon.

Step 4: Sew velcro to both ends of your ribbon.

Step 5: In some cases you may need to burn the ends of the ribbon with a ligher to make sure they stay in shape.

That is it! Our decoration is ready! Now all we need to do is put the hatband around the band of the hat closing the ends with velcro.

If you make a couple of these decorations in different colors and shapes you can easily match your hat with any outfit!


The video version of the tutorial is available here:

This is it for this time. I hope you have enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in the comment bar below!
Till next time!!!


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    • Thank you! I am happy to hear that! I think you will like the result 🙂 I am wearing this decoration on my hat already for a week and many people on the street ask me from where I bought this hat 🙂

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