Have You Ever Used Your Bag Chain As a Belt?


Hi guys,

How are you doing? I was a little busy the past two weeks, so could not publish that often. But I am back on track and today I am going to share with you my latest “discovery”.
Recently I was looking for a metallic chain belt for my green jumpsuit. I had checked all the shops around, but I could not find anything suitable. I was almost getting desperate about finding that perfect belt, when I suddenly realized that I can use the chain of my bag as a belt!
When I tried it on, I really loved it! It was exactly what I was looking for! I think you would also agree that it looks great with this jumpsuit.

IMG_1705 copy2


As you see this “belt” looks quite well also with dresses.

IMG_1732 copy

I know I have not “invented the wheel” here and probably many of you have already been using bag chains as belts.
So I am very curious who of you has ever used a bag chain as a belt? It would be great if you could share some photos of your outfits where you accessorize your look with the bag chain as a belt. Just post your photos under the hashtag #bagchainbelt on twitter or instagram and I will check them out! Looking forward to your photos!

That’s it for this time! Don’t forget to tag your photos in social media! Till next time!


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  1. Oh, once I used my belt putting in on a purse though. Never thought of putting che chain as a belt. I am stealing the idea 🙂 and will use it definetely. Thanks Naira!!!

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