FashionClash Festival In Maastricht

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12-14 June 2015 
– The 7th edition of the annual FashionClash Festival was hosted last weekend in Maastricht. More than 100 emerging designers and artists from 30 countries were showcasing their work to the industry professionals, media and general public.
For 3 days the small city of Maastricht became the center of fashion celebrations. The fashion festival spread its wings all over the city. Along with fashion shows, one could enjoy interesting exhibitions, purchase unique designer items  from a special market and visit various fashion hotspots in the city center.
The fashion celebrations started on Friday evening with the opening of the Gender-Expo followed by the official opening show presented by fashion icon and journalist Anyouk Tan.

The second day of the Festival was quite intense. More than 30 international designers presented their collections during 3 fashion shows.

Oversized or figure hugging, with prints or simple, colorful or black-and-white – all designs were unique and interesting. However, that evening was not only about clothes. The students of the Dutch Shoe Academy shared their vision on footwear designs, while Czech designer Soyfa Samaraeva showcased original designs of caps/hats during the joined fashion presentation with the designer Joelle Boers.

In between the shows the guests could admire the Gender-Expo, purchase one of a kind goods from a designer Market and enjoy fresh beverages at the bar area of the hall. The evening was accompanied with live music by LIANA.
During one of these breaks I almost lost my phone and the camera bag! I left my belongings on the table and  went only a couple of meters away to take a photo with a friend. When I came back my phone, jacket and camera bag were gone! I could not believe my eyes! I was away for just a minute!

Apparently a lady noticed my “unattended stuff” and brought them to the reception desk. It was super kind of her, but I got really scared that all my contacts and photos might be gone! On the other hand the possibility of buying a new phone crossed my mind a couple of times 🙂 Hm…. would not have been the worst side-effect of my “loss” 🙂
Anyway, all happy that I got my mobile phone back I headed to the FashionClash Party. By that time the whole exhibition area was already transformed into a specious disco area with live music, drinks and, of course, dances. It was a lot of fun!

The final destination of my fashion weekend was one of the festival’s hotspots – the Museum van het Vrijthof. On Sunday afternoon the Museum hosted the fashion designer Malou Beemer, who was demonstrating an interactive dress Kimbow. The dress is the result of collaboration between Malou and industrial designer Eef Lubbers. Kimbow senses the wearer’s posture and changes the color in response to the message his/her body language communicates.

FashionClash Festival activities were on the whole Sunday and ended with the Graduation Show of students from Maastricht Academy of Art and Design and The Award Ceremony. Unfortunately I had a long drive back and left early. But neverless, it was an amazing fashion experience for me! I am already looking forward to the new FashionClash Festival edition!

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