Nuno Felting Art by Lusia Bunina

The art of nuno felting has been gradually developed during the last decade. Handmade from natural fibers, nuno felted fabrics are not only eco-friendly, but also extremely flexible which allows to create a wide range of fantastic garments suitable for both winter and summer wear.
Being a bit familiar with nuno felting technique, I know that behind each piece lies lots of hard work and patience.
Last Saturday the summer collection of nuno felted dresses by Lusia Bunina was among the highlights of the festival “The Color of The Netherlands”. Ethereal and feminine, each dress was a unique wearable art of its own. Above are some of the looks from the collection.
My personal favorite of the collection is the brown dress with flowers. I already imagine myself walking along the seashore in that dress 😉 Which one is your favorite?


  1. Hi Been – sort of not here to much…Just trying to catch up on so many things.
    Your new blog is looking ..I love the skirt and silver shoes are beautifull…very lovely

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