Today in my column of interviews I am happy to present a Dutch fashion designer Judith van Vliet. I met Judith during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in January 2015. The interesting mix of architectural and organic forms of her designs caught my attention already from a distance. After a short talk about the collection and inspiration behind it, we agreed to continue our discussion later in the form of a special interview for the blog.
In 2012 Judith graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts. Her graduation collection “The Western Uniformity”  addressed the issue of alikeness of western dressing habits and offered 7 outstanding designs that broke through the  uniformity to create personality.  The collection became a part of a talent show during the Amsterdam Fashion Week.
In 2014 Judith launched her own label JUDITH van Vliet. The first collection of the label – Excidium – was presented at an annual Fashionclash Festival. For this collection she collaborated with shoe and accessory designer Chris van den Elzen. Soon after the release, Excidium won the Cologne Catwalk Award during the Cologne Fashion Days.

StyleBlog’N: I know that you have started your label in 2014 with the collection Excidium. What was the inspiration behind the collection?
Judith: The concept of old empty buildings taken over by the nature lies behind Excidium. The designs pass the beauty of these long abandoned buildings demolished by erosion, covered in moss and fungi. The collection is a mix of sharp architectural lines reflecting the buildings and soft organic forms of the nature. The color palette also mirrors the colors of deserted buildings.

StyleBlog’N: Why did you decide to start your own label?
Judith: Your own label gives one a freedom of creativity. You are not bounded by rules and predefined designs or patterns. I like this freedom of expression. I enjoy being responsible for searching and selecting fabrics, thinking and planning the designs.

StyleBlog’N: What are the main challenges in having your own label?
Judith: I have to be actively invloved in many aspects of the work besides the actual designing. I do all the administration, networking, communication, promotion and managing the websites. All theses side activities can be tiring and time consuming,  but it’s an unavoidable part of having the own label.

StyleBlog’N: How would you describe the style of your collections?
Judith: I am influenced by many things, mostly by architecture, geometric shapes and nature. My designs are based on structural forms shaped both on the body and outside. The style is very feminine and perfectly fitted.

StyleBlog’N: What materials do you use in your collections?
Judith: For the catwalk collections I often use unconventional materials. I have designs decorated with wooden pins or metal panels. Some of the designs are made of knitted sedge. For my ready-to-wear pieces I use more traditional fabrics like wool, cotton and silk.

StyleBlog’N: If you had an opportunity to work on a project with one of the world’s famous designers, who would you work with?
Judith: I would really like to cooperate with David Koma. He creates a lot based on architectural and geometric shapes and prints. His designs are minimalistic (decoration wise), but at the same time there is so much more happening within the constructions of pieces.  I would also like to work with Ilja Visser. Her designs are also simple, yet rich with interesting geometric shapes and prints. Since the style of my collections is close to both of these designers, I would love to have an opportunity to cooperate with both of them.

StyleBlog’N: Which style do you personally prefer for everyday wear?
Judith: I like a feminine style. For everyday wear I prefer nice yet practical pieces. However when I go to a party, I like to dress up. My preferred party wear is a high waist trousers or skirt teamed with cool blouse and high heels.

StyleBlog’N: On what are you currently working? Any new project, ideas?
Judith: In the beginning of March, in collaboration with my two creative friends, Peter In’t Veld and Sandra Botman, we have launched a new label Zen by Sen. Within the label I will be designing yoga leggins with one of a kind digital prints. Besides, two days ago I received an invitation to present a new collection during the Fashionclash Maastricht 2015. For this project I will once again be collaborating with the talented shoe designer Chris van den Elzen.

StyleBlog’N: What would you advise young designer who whish to start their own label?
Judith: To stay close to yourself. Try to stand out.

Thank you Judith for an interesting and informative talk! I hope we will meet up again to discuss your new projects. Meanwhile I wish you all the best with your endeavors!

This was it for this time. Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below! Till next time!




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    • I understand you so well! Judith’s collection is gorgeous! I love to discover and interview young designers. Often you can find really nice pieces in their collections. When I want something special, I always check what young designers have to offer. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope to see you around again! xxx

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