Fourth edition of the Pause Pop Up Store

For the past decades, due to the rapid evolving of fast fashion industry, the issues of sustainability and transparency in fashion are getting more and more attention worldwide.
Together with a young generation of designers, dedicated fashion professionals work hard to find the alternative solutions that will minimize the impact on the environment and increase the social responsibility.

Sustainable fashion is also an emerging topic in the Netherlands. Next to research, various activities and events are being organized in different parts of the country to address the issue.
From October 19th to 22nd the forth edition of Pause Conscious Pop Up took place at the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam.
Filled with music, art and live performances, Pause Pop Up was a three day dynamic pop-up store , where 40 local and international designers presented their sustainable collections. The aim of Pause Pop Up was to offer alternatives to fast fashion and fast lifestyle, where the founders – Ramina Pirani and Leticia Bordoni- invited everyone to pause for a moment and “rethink their choices”.


More than 200 sustainable fashion pieces from all over the world were showcased during the forth edition of Pause Pop Up.  Among the ensembles one could find not only clothing pieces , but also bijoux, accessories, lingerie and even vintage clothing from high-end brands.
The participant list included designers from India, Australia, United States, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium and The Netherlands. Pause Pop Up opening event was hosted by a writer and sustainable fashion expert Marieke Eyskoot.

This was it for this time.  What do you think about sustainable fashion? Do you know where your clothes come from and how they made? Share your thoughts  in a comment bar below.

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