Due to the globalization of fashion nowadays we have the same selection of brands and stores almost everywhere we travel. However, the same pair of jeans is styled differently in different countries. I have been living in The Netherlands now for about 5 years. Already from the beginning I noticed quite a difference in clothing styles of Dutch women and women from my country of origin: Armenia. I am sure many of you while traveling also notice style differences between women from your country of origin and the host country. It became very interesting for me to look at dressing habits of women all over the world.  That is how the idea of a blog post featuring the clothing styles of women from different countries came in mind.
For this post I have interviewed my friends from France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Armenia, Germany and The Netherlands.  They were very kind to help me out and describe the styles in their countries. Based on their description I recreated the typical looks of women for each of these countries. Since the respondents are between 25-35 of age, the styles featured in this post are reflecting mostly this age group. Let’s get started!


Marina (Lyon, France): I think one of the most important items in the outfit of French women are bags. One can be dressed quite simple (mostly preferring ZARA style), but the bag has to be very stylish. A lot of women here give preference to Michael Kors’s bags (or bags of similar style) and Longchamps. Among popular outfits are oversized jackets, dresses with black tights, big scarves and boots. The color black in general is very popular here.

IMG_8087 copy


Rebecca (Brussels, Belgium): I live in the area of a Brussels where many  European Institutions are active and women  here are mostly dressed in smart casual style. Leggings or slim fit pants (not denim), blazer and ballerinas (or small heels) are typical for women in this area. The looks are mostly accessorized with classic handbags.  Trench coats (mostly in beige color) are also very popular.



Lucy (Florence, Italy): The style of Italian women is very feminine. We like to dress up, but still keep it cosy and comfortable everyday look. We like figure hugging garments. Leggings  and slim fit jeans with a nice blouse are very popular. Eye-catching scarves are a must during cold seasons. In cold season we give preference to pastel colors, black or white, while the summer is more colorful. No backpacks. Always an appropriate purse. Everything should be nice, but not too much! If it is a shirt with floral prints than the bottom is simple and vice versa. If it’s a big belt, than it’s a small pendant. Italian women love accessories! And of course the shoes! We prefer comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Something that you can wear to work and, if you want to stop by a restaurant, you will still feel nice. Shoes with small heels, stylish boots or ballerinas are very popular.



Anna-Maria (Athens, Greece): Greek women like to take care of their appearance. We are wearing make-up and heels especially in the evenings. Figure hugging jackets, simple tops and slim fit jeans or a skirt are typical everyday wear of the modern Greek women. I personally don’t like ballerinas, but many women are wearing them. You can also find a lot of platform shoes, sneakers (All Stars) and boots, especially black boots!



Maria (Yerevan, Armenia): Armenian women like to dress up. An effortless look is not about us. We spent quite some time on styling our hair and putting on make-up. We like figure hugging dresses, slim fit jeans teamed with fitted tops and jackets. Heels or platform shoes are part of our everyday wear. The past years ballerinas have also become a favourite footwear among Armenian women. Recently I see the tendency towards more casual, yet glamourous looks and neutral, but make-up is a must.



Katrin (Berlin, Germany): Jeans and a simple T-shirt with prints or phrases, big scarves, oversized jackets or parkas (olive green) are part of  everyday wear in Berlin.  Leggings teamed with denim shorts are also common among the street-style items for women. People here really like eye-catching neon colors. You may often see one wearing neon shoes, extraordinary handbags or neon color nail polish. Beanie hats and ethno prints are also very popular  in Germany.



Charlotte (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Dutch women like to keep everything simple and effortless. It should not take too much time in the morning and it needs to feel comfortable. Hair up in the knot or ponytail, slim fit jeans, sneakers and an oversized top is a typical casual look for women here. Dresses we usually wear with thick dark tights and flat boots or boots with  small heels. But not too high. Olive green parkas are also very common in The Netherlands, together with leather jackets. The motto of the Dutch seem to be: “just normal”. So no crazy outfits, be simple practical and comfortable.



In the end I would like to thank once again all my friends who took time to help me out with this post!!! I really appreciate it!!!

This was it for this time! Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below!!!

If you want me to feature the style of your country please send the description of the style (if possible also an image) with the title “Dressing Habits”  to I will do my best to recreate the look in my further posts!  Don’t forget to mention your name and the city where you reside. I am looking forward to your emails!

See you next week!



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  1. Such a creative idea, Naira all outfits are very stylish and by the way fit you perfectly;)

  2. Thanks #StyleBlog’N & Naira for such a beautiful project!!!!! I learned so much from the post. THANKS!! !

    p.s. Btw, I see Armenian women wearing exact shoes and skirt recently in Yerevan, Armenia. So you are becoming a style-ruler here! 😉 and there are many successes to knee beneath your efforts and dedicated work! Be prepared to enjoy the MOMENT !! 🙂

    • hahahaha.. that’s a funny coincidence 🙂 Thanks for kind words Marie! I am always happy to hear that the post was useful!

  3. Great Post. very nice idea to interview people from many different countries. and the part about Berlin is so right. I can tell because I am from Berlin as well:D can’t wait for your next post. xxx

    • Thank you! I am very happy to hear that you liked the post! Indeed it’s very interesting to see how women dress in different countries. Looking forward to see you again in my blog! xxx

  4. The Berlin style is really something special! 🙂 I have been living in Düsseldorf/Germany for 6 years now and here people prefer a classic chic style, especially those whom you meet in the old town. So every time I come to Berlin it is a small cultural shock to me 🙂 In general, comfortable sportive style is preferred to high-heels in Germany.

    • Indeed the Berlin style is very special! It was very interesting for me to recreate the Berlin look! I hope you also found it interesting and close to the reality 😉 Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you in my blog again! XXX

  5. I’m from Europe too and yes, beauty standards and “fashion uniforms” are def different than for example here, in the US. Side note, that French outfit, ah!

  6. Hallo Naira, Thank you very much for following my blog. I followed you right back and I absolutely love your blog. You look so beautiful in every outfit. I really hope to see something on African fashion in the future with all its crazy splashes of color.

    • Thanks my dear! I am glad to hear you loved my blog. Actually I was planning to show also African style, but at that time could not find the outfits :(I still have that idea in the back of my mind. Hopefully one day I can show that style too 🙂

  7. Naira, this was such a cool post!! Definitely one of the most interesting, fun to read fashion blog posts I’ve seen before. Thanks for exposing us to super cool fashion from around the globe! Your recreations were perfect too. 🙂

    x Savannah

    • Hi Savannah, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so happy to hear you found this post interesting. It’s one of my most viewed posts in the blog. I am working now on the third part . Let’s stay in touch:) xxx

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