Coats inspired by Sponge Bob, McDonald’s shoulder bags and Barbie style jackets… Moschino’s Creative Director Jeremy Scott continues to surprise the world with his extraordinary ideas and designs. This time it is all about a teddy bear. Yes, a teddy bear!

TOY, Scott’s first fragrance for Moschino was released earlier this week. Bottled in the shape of a teddy bear and even packaged in a toy box, Moschino’s TOY is once again proof of Scott’s outstanding imagination.

As I had never seen a plush stuffed animal as a perfume bottle it seemed like all the more reason to do it. Jeremy Scott

A cuddly teddy bear with a shirt stating “This Is Not A Moschino Toy” has been inspired by Franco Moschino’s Bear dress (Fall/Winter 1988) and pays tribute to the legendary designer.
Like the packaging the content is special as well. The scent is unisex, which is a new experiment for the brand. Notes of mandarine , cardamom, bergamot mixed with lavender, violet and hawthorn together with a drydown of sandalwood, vanilla, moss and acacia make it a perfect gift for both women and men. Starting from this week, TOY by Moschino is available for sale.







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