The Unusual Shoes

Simple or colorful, with heels or without….shoes are an important part of our everyday wear. Each season the designers  offer new, sometimes even shocking designs of shoes. Fast growing technological developments in fashion leave a mark on the shoe industry too. Designers continuously seek ways to create sustainable and technologically sophisticated prototypes of shoes of the future.
In this post I have summarized the most interesting shoe designs I recently came across. 3-D printed shoes, boots from fire hose, shoes with interchangeable heels or boots with 21 long upturned toe are the confirmation that the industry is in constant dynamic move and can still surprise us with original concepts.

Ammonite by Fernando Romero

Ammonite by Fernando Romero is one of the five 3D-printed shoe designs presented during the architectural shoe exhibition ‘Re-Inventing shoes’ in Milan design week 2015 organized by United Nude and 3D Systems Corporation.

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Sagion Socialite Shoes

Ancient Vietnamese wood crafting art Pagoda translated into a modern wearable art. It takes 18 days to make a pair of these shoes. No two pairs are alike.


Image source: www.

 Comme des Garçons Homme Plus

These are one of the most ridiculous shoes I have ever seen. Guarachero Boots with 21 long upturned pointed toe by Comme des Garçons Homme Plus S/S2015.


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 Fire Hose Boots

According the industrial designer Dorian Koelmans the best way to reuse a discarded fire hose is to make boots out of it.


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 Volvorii High Tech Shoes

One pair of shoe that matches all outfits! Volvorii high tech shoes change the pattern/color with the click of an App!

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 Convertible Heels

A broken heel is no longer an issue thanks to designer Tanya Heath’s revolutionary invention – shoes with interchangeable heels! Now, we can change the style and the height of the heel with the push of a button!


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This is it for this time. Don’t forget to let me know you opinion in a comment bar below! Till next week!



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  1. So interesting Naira, I can’t even imagine such kind of shoes exist 😉

    • Thanks! Indeed the idea of interchangeable heels is great! Super convenient! Totally agree with you about the shoes with pointed toe! These shoes are definitely NOT in the list of top comfortable footwear 😀

    • I totally agree! The idea of convertible heels is just super cool and practical! For me the Volvorii shoes also look quite wearable, especially I love the fact that you can change the shoe color/patter. The rest indeed are a bit more experimental 😉

  2. I have so much trouble wrapping my mind around what 3D printers can do anyway, but those red shoes are crazy!

    • Indeed, it seems that almost everything is possible to make via 3D printers 🙂 Btw., in my further posts I will share some more information about the usage of 3D technologies in fashion 😉

  3. Naira, this is a fantastic site, I love it…let me ask you if you go to the link could you put my new things on your blog, sort of as things they wear in America…I would be so pleased…But darling if you choice not to that is all ok…here is the link./ kind of look thru the other pages just fun..

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