Make-Up & Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015

A couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam I had an interesting chat with two talented ladies who are specialized in make-up & hair (MUAH) styling.
Natalia Bakeyeva
 has been working in MUAH industry for more than 15 years. She has extensive experience in bridal make-up, as well as in creating vintage, retro and glamour looks. In 2013 she established her own MUAH company – Visage Guru in Amsterdam.
Elena Smirnova has 10 years of experience in the beauty business. Her portfolio includes styling for photoshoots, fashion shows, magazines and television.  Currently she runs her own company E.S.Muah  which is hosted at Phillip de Ritis Hairdressing  salon in Amsterdam.

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While Natalia and Elena were helping me to create a look for that evening (I was invited to the Global Denim Awards in Amsterdam), I had time to ask them some questions on the latest trends in MUAH for the fall/winter 2015-2016.

Make-Up trends

StyleBlog’N: What is essential for winter make-up in general?
Natalia: In winter I always advise to use intense moisturizing creams before applying the make-up, as well as after cleaning the make-up. This routine will help you to keep the skin fresh and hydrated. I also advise to use the foundations with more heavier texture to cover the redness (for example around nose area), thus ensuring the even tone of the skin.   

StyleBlog’N: What make-up styles are in trend this fall/winter?
Natalia: One of the definite favorites of this season is so-called nude make-up. Even skin tone, pure lips and nude eyes. This style is mostly seen as an everyday make-up, but you can easily transform it into a beautiful evening look by adding some bright accents (for example bright lipstick). Since the nude look  implies minimal usage of  colors, the accent lies on strong, thick brows.

Another popular make-up element is cat eyes. From thin perfectly defined lines till thick á la smoky eye look and double feline flicks – everything is possible this season. Among the trends are also the geometric shape around the eye, twiggy, grunge and most women’s favorite smokey eyes.

As for lips the ombre style is very popular this season. It implies the gradation of color that evolves from the lightest to darkest (or vice versa) using the shades from the similar palette. With this technique you can create volume or make lips visually thinner depending on the sequence of shades (from dark to light or vice versa).

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StyleBlog’N:  What about the color palette?  What are the favorites of the season?
The color palette this season varies from nude shades till bright exotic colors. Light brown, apricot or orange shades are perfect for the nude make-up. Peach color blush will add an extra chic and freshness to your look. For smokey eyes the traditional grey-balck-brown shades are in favor.

Another trend of the season are bright eye-chatching shadows. If you want to create an exotic evening look I would advise to experiment with intense shades of indigo, green, yellow or purple.

As for the lips the dark shades of bordeaux, plumdeepest black and, of course, the color of the year – marsala are trending this season. The shades of red, pale pink and nude, as well as lipgloss are also among the top trends this fall.

Hair color and styling trends

StyleBlog’N: I know that the color of this fall/winter is marsala. What other hair colors are popular this season?
Indeed marsala is the biggest trend of the season. It appears not only in hair coloring, but also in make-up, nail-art and clothing. 
13However, in general this year is all about natural colors. That is why I would advise not to deviate much from your natural hair color. Apart from being in trend, natural colors prolong the intervals between coloring, thus keeping your hair healthy.
Even though natural colors are in favor, we can still experiment with different shades. All shades of coppergold,
 cognac, as well as platinum blond, strawberry blonde, marsala, cold chocolatedeep brown with a touch of purple and blue are popular this fall/winter.  Pastel colors are still in trend, but only as an accent, not as a base color.
StyleBlog’N: How about the color contrasts? Are there any special techniques that are in favor this season?
Elena:  This season we have a great opportunity to play with contrasts, which are less defined and have more smoother transitions than in previous years. I think that hair fashion is very “logical” this season. After a hot summer  the effect of sun-bleached hair and highlighted tips seem quite natural.  Among other trends is the gradation of a color that evolves from the darker shades on the roots to the lighter shades on the tips(and vice versa). These effects are achieved by techniques such as balayazh, bronding, shatush, ombre or Californian highlights. 

StyleBlog’N: Which hair styles would you advise for this season?
Elena: As I have already said natural  look is in favor this fall/winter, that is why I would recommend to keep the hair style simple. Light, a bit messy curls will give you that perfect effortless yet trendy look and will accentuate your trendy hair color. But do not forget that the main trend of any season is healthy and well taken care off hair!

This is it for this time! I would like to thank once again Natalia and Elena for taking time to share with us their expertise! Special thanks to the administration of Phillip de Ritis Hairdressing  salon in Amsterdam for their hospitality!

In the end I would like to mention that these all are general guidelines for the season. You do not necessarily have to follow all the advices, just select the style and color palette that best suits you and you will stay fashionable!

Till next time!!!!


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