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Spring is in the air! Finally we can hide away our thick winter jackets and get ready for spring fashion.  As you know this spring-summer is all about the 70s. From flared pants and platform shoes, till denim jumpsuits and suede clothing…all these pieces are trending this spring.

If you guys have some vintage clothes from the 70s hidden deep in the closet (flared pants from the end of the 90s will work too), this is the right time to bring them to the front line. For those who don’t have vintage “savings” there is a large selection of clothes à la 70s in different price ranges in the shops.

I was “scouting” the stores last weekend and discovered that one can dress trendy by spending about 50 € on an outfit. Of course, it is quite challenging to buy a head-to-toe new outfit (including accessories and shoes) from 50 € , but one trending item like a jumpsuit or a pair of flared jeans or a suede jacket (like mine) is quite possible to afford. The rest of the look you can just mix and match with what you already have. I guess everyone can find in a closet a T-shirt matching the flared pants or a nice dress to team with the suede jacket.

I  put together this spring look by mixing one trending item (suede jacket) with pieces I already had in my closet. For example my white skirt and the shoes are from Zara’s last summer collection (you have probably seen them in my previous posts). The black Mexx purse I bought 2 years ago on sale. H&M denim shirt is relatively new. I have it since 2 months. The only new item here is this suede jacket by Mango (50 €).  That’s it. My spring casual look is ready. Simple and affordable. I am sure you can come up with something similar if you dig deep into your closets. Let me know how it went.

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    • Indeed, sometimes we think we need to buy a whole new outfit each season to be in trend, while you can just get one piece and combine with what you have. Easy and saves money 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice weekend!!! xxx

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