One B’Day Story

It’s not a secret that I like shopping. I like shopping twice when it comes to selecting presents for friends or family. I always do my best to select a present according to the person’s taste.

In Yerevan, end of July, I was invited to the B’Day party of a good friend. Since she has quite an exclusive taste, it’s always a bit of a challenge for me to find a perfect present for her.
Knowing the challenge, I started scouting the shops way before her B’Day. The days were passing, the B’Day was approaching, but I still didn’t have the perfect present for her.

Two days before the B’Day – already desperate and almost ready to give up the idea of getting something exclusive – I accidentally came across a small jewelry boutique: M&G jewelry.

Beautiful accessories from natural stones neatly rested on the shop window caught my attention immediately. When I entered, I was even more amazed! Necklaces, bags, scarves, bracelets…… One better than another! And all handmade in the studio area of the shop. The only question in my head was: “Which one to choose????”

I should admit, I had a really hard time to make a choice. Eventually, I ended up buying a bracelet for my friend, a scarf for my sister and a necklace for me (the first photo).


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