“The nature is my biggest inspiration” Iveta Burenkovaite

Today in my column of interviews with young and talented designers I am happy to present Lithuanian artist Iveta Burenkovaite and her label Iveta Silk Art.
For already a year Iveta presents her creations on silk, revealing the beautiful magic of silk art. Inspired by nature, Iveta’s work reflects her vision of beauty and harmony in nature.
Originally from Kaunas, Iveta currently lives and creates in Rotterdam. Her collection of hand painted silk scarves  is a true inspiration for anyone passionate about silk art. Exotic flower paintings on an ethereal silk fabric makes each scarf a unique piece of wearable art.

StyleBlog’N: Besides hand painted silk scarves, what other items do you have in your portfolio?
Iveta: At the moment I have paintings on silk, silk scarves and ties. In the future I am planning to expand my portfolio with clothing items both for women and men.

StyleBlog’N: What is the main theme of your paintings?
I don’t have one theme for my paintings. The nature is my biggest inspiration, where I capture themes for my creations. Sometimes even the ideas of new designs come in my dreams.  Also people come to me with the ideas for their own silk creations, which I try to realize.

StyleBlog’N: What paint do you use for your creations?
Iveta: It is a special water based paint for painting on silk.

StyleBlog’N: It is possible to wash your scarves?
Yes, it is possible to wash them. You just need to wash them by hand in cold water with natural soap or a special detergent for delicate fabrics. To make the scarf softer you can apply some hair-conditioner on it.  Afterwards mop in a towel and iron in low setting.

StyleBlog’N: I know that you are currently busy with building a web-shop. When can we expect it?
Iveta: The web-shop will be ready by the end of this year. Meanwhile I invite you to follow my Facebook page for news and updates from Iveta Silk Art.


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