Even though the winter has not yet given it’s credentials to spring, the new spring-summer collections are actively  hitting the stores.
Today we are going to discuss the new 2017 collection of one of the definite must haves of the summer – UZURII flip-flops. Next to the big variety of colors, the brand also offers new models this season.

What I like the most about Uzurii filp flops is that they are not only beautiful and easy to combine, but also very comfortable to wear. I believe that comfort is as important as being dressed to the nines. So, let’s have a look on the inspiration behind the new arrivals from this beautiful label.


Inspired by her Brazilian roots in the Amazon, designer Shieglee Ferreire dos Santos translated all the beauty of Amazon into her new spring-summer 2017 collection.
Even though each Uzurii flip flop is a piece of art by itself, for this particular collection Shieglee cooperated with the artist Richard Kuiper. Kuiper’s unique interpretation of the Amazon gave an artistic touch to the presentation of the collection.

In collaboration with Master patissier Jeroen Goossens, Kuiper created four different versions of the Amazon out of sugar: spring, summer, autumn & winterThis artistic presentation of the collection was used during the Uzurii Fashion Event in Amsterdam in September 2016.

Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

“Gold Diva” is the most exclusive model in the Spring-Summer  2017 collection. This limited edition model is partially made from real gold and is presented in a luxury box with glass finishing and a golden Uzurii logo.


Gold Diva

The Classic line has also been expanded by new “Colorful” classics and “Blue/Red” classics.

Colorful Classic, €99.95

Blue Red Classic, €89.95


This new model named Jade Fabulous is now a part of the Special Edition line.

Jade Fabulous, €139.95


Another innovation of this season is the introduction of the Mid Heel line. Next to  High Heel, this new kind of sole aims to become a definite favorite of the season. The model is available in 6 different designs and 3 different colors.

Pearl Marilyn Mid Heel, €129.95

The price range of the collection varies between 90-190 euros.

What I particularly like about Uzurii is its chic packaging.  All products come in a luxurious box and/or a satin bag. I just love that cute mirror inside the box! If you are looking for a chic present, an Uzurii pair is surely one of the best choices.

Colorful Romy, €109.95

After admiring all this beauty I could not resist to get a pair of my own 🙂  Which model do you like the most 😉 ?



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  1. Great post! Love Colorful Romy! I was wondering if the model is also available in other colors?

    • haha…I totally share your feelings about these flip-flops 🙂 They are not only very beautiful, but also very comfortable to wear.

    • I love them too!!! They will look great with so many summer combinations! I already have a couple of outfits in mind 🙂 I guess my next purchase will be this yellow pair 🙂

  2. My favourite would be the colorful Romy. Nice flip flops. I hope all these garments stays well for the price. Some might be uncomfortable with pointy stuff that will touch the skin of the foot. Nice post though. I like their idea of different style for different seasons.

    • I totally agree with you! Colorful Romy is a beautiful model. I also hope the quality is good for that price 🙂 When I wear them for a while, I will write a review about the product. So far, I am very happy with them, cause they are very comfortable and look nice on my feet 🙂 Thanks a lot for your input! Looking forward to see you on my page again 🙂 xxx

    • I am very happy to hear that you found my post interesting. Indeed Colorful Romy is very stylish and is super easy to match with different outfits. Thanks for you input and let’s stay in touch 🙂

  3. What an amazing read! Now I know what to get for Spring!

    • Thanks for stopping by Dasa! You should definitely check out Uzurii brand. They have lots of beautiful pieces on their website 😉 I am sure you will like it.

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