I think many of you will agree that yearly collaboration of H&M with designer brands are one of the most awaited fashion events of the year. As we know these limited edition collections are normally sold out within hours.

Last year when Balmain collection hit the stores,  I entered H&M 15 minutes after its opening (because of a big line) and everything was already sold out!
This year I have decided to stay home and try to purchase it online. This “strategy” was more successful 🙂
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OOTD: Fashion Week Selection

Downtown events, parties, shopping and amazing fashion shows…another edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week came to an end. I did my best to share with you as much as possible about the events and I really hope you enjoyed this fashion week with me. In the end as promised I am sharing with you my outfit inspirations for each of the events I attended. Continue Reading

Time Flies…

Time flies…In the end of December it will be a year since I started StyleBlog’N. Each day of this year has been a start of a new fashion adventure for me. During this period I have been involved in some great projects, attended exciting fashion events, met inspiring people and discovered lots of new things about myself. I feel like a snowball going downhill. With every turn I grow, attract new and exciting opportunities on my way. Continue Reading

Polka Dots + Stripes

forweb6Shorts: Zara; Top: H&M; Clutch: Steps, Shoes: Kira Plastinina

Summer holidays in my hometown, yuhuuuu! It has been almost 2 years since my last visit to Yerevan. I really missed my family, friends and hot summer weather 😉
I should admit, after the Dutch mild summer, I needed a couple of days to adapt to the hot climate here. The good thing about the weather here is that you don’t need to be armed with a jacket  and an umbrella all the time 🙂 The nice weather is guaranteed! Continue Reading