FashionClash Festival In Maastricht

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12-14 June 2015 
– The 7th edition of the annual FashionClash Festival was hosted last weekend in Maastricht. More than 100 emerging designers and artists from 30 countries were showcasing their work to the industry professionals, media and general public.
For 3 days the small city of Maastricht became the center of fashion celebrations. The fashion festival spread its wings all over the city. Along with fashion shows, one could enjoy interesting exhibitions, purchase unique designer items  from a special market and visit various fashion hotspots in the city center. Continue Reading



Intelligent and interactive clothing, high-tech fabrics, clothes with fully integrated computers…It is hard to believe that a time will come where technologically sophisticated garments will become part of our everyday wear. However, a lot of research and work on technology in fashion has already been done and still continues in this field.
Electronic couturier and innovator Anouk Wipprecht is one of the pioneers in the field of technological couture. Her designs move, breath and react to the environment around them.
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