DIY: Hat Decoration

Hi lovelies,
How are you all doing? Today I am going to share with you a simple DIY idea on how to decorate your hat. It’s very easy to make ( took me probably 15min. to make 2 different hat-decorations)! With this simple tutorial you can always wear “different” hats while having only one 🙂 Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Again These Stripes


Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing? How was your week? First of all I would like to thank all of you for your warm wishes on my pregnancy!  Your support and kind words mean a lot to me!
I would also like to welcome all new subscribers who joined my blog this week! I am very happy to have you all around. I hope you will find the blog interesting and a useful source of information and inspiration!

Today I am sharing with you my latest look.  And as you have noticed it’s again about stripes 🙂 Can’t help it, I just love stripes! I don’t even know why I like them that much. May be because they are very easy to combine with anything and any color?! Continue Reading

OOTD: Inspired from HYPE

IMG_3420 copy1 copy
Today I am sharing with you a bit of an experimental look for me. I think it is quite boring to stick around with one style all the time. Thus I am in a constant search for new looks and style inspirations. Continue Reading

How Women Dress in Different Countries (part 2)


Continuing the topic on How Women Dress in Different Countries, I am happy to share with you the dressing styles of the following 4 countries:  Norway, Czech Republic, Russia and India.
As usual, for the post I have interviewed the ladies from each of the countries, who were very kind to describe the dressing habits of women in their homelands. Continue Reading



Due to the globalization of fashion nowadays we have the same selection of brands and stores almost everywhere we travel. However, the same pair of jeans is styled differently in different countries.
For this post I have interviewed my friends from France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Armenia, Germany and The Netherlands.  They were very kind to help me out and describe the styles in their countries. Based on their description I recreated the typical looks of women for each of these countries. Continue Reading

Contest: Your Halloween Costume


“Trick or treat?”………it’s Halloween!
Are you ready for a Halloween party?

For those who like partying I am giving away a limited edition nail polish set by YVES ROCHER.

Enter the contest to WIN this beautiful party set!
Send me a photo of your Halloween costume at with the subject “Halloween Costume”. Please include your name in the email.

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