Royal Blue

Rich azure blue, know also as royal blue, is one of the noble colors of the pallette. It has said to be invented in 18th century by clothiers of Scutts Bridge Mill from the village Rode in Somerset. The very rich blue color from the Rode mill was selected for Queen Charlotte’s dress and became certified as “Royal Blue”. Continue Reading

Polka Dots + Stripes

forweb6Shorts: Zara; Top: H&M; Clutch: Steps, Shoes: Kira Plastinina

Summer holidays in my hometown, yuhuuuu! It has been almost 2 years since my last visit to Yerevan. I really missed my family, friends and hot summer weather 😉
I should admit, after the Dutch mild summer, I needed a couple of days to adapt to the hot climate here. The good thing about the weather here is that you don’t need to be armed with a jacket  and an umbrella all the time 🙂 The nice weather is guaranteed! Continue Reading

The Navy Look


Recently I am all into the marine theme and the idea of a navy look has already been following me for a while. I don’t even know why. May be  because it’s summer and we spend more time in the harbor surrounded with all these beautiful boats or just because striped clothes are so popular this season that we see them in every shop…..I don’t know. The fact is that my outfit is definitely inspired by the navy. Continue Reading