Leather Accessories by RM

It has already been a couple of weeks since my meeting with leather accessory designer Ruzanna Musakhanyan, but I am still impressed by her leather creations, especially the flowers! In her workplace, the first thing that captured my eyes was a beautiful pink flower on the desk. At first I thought it was a real flower that was dried to be used as a part of the studio decor. Only after a closer look, I realized that it was from leather! In fact, it was part of a DIY project presented by Ruzanna for the readers of Styleblog’N (you can check the project here).
Ruzanna has been working with leather for many years and mastered the technique of creating beautiful accessories for women. In March 2014 she started her own label of handmade accessories RM Art. Her accessories are made exclusively from leather leftovers that are being processed with a special technique until the desired shape is reached. Sometimes she combines leather with beautiful natural stones which give extra flair to the items. Below are some of Ruzanna’s leather inspired creations.