The Unusual Shoes

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3-D printed shoes, boots from fire hose, shoes with interchangeable heels or boots with 21″ long upturned toe are the confirmation that the industry is in constant dynamic move and can still surprise us with original concepts. Continue Reading

Iconic Bags Of Famous Fashion Houses

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Did you know that the first bag with the bamboo handle was introduced in fashion by Gucci? Do you know why Chanel’s iconic shoulder bag is named 2.55? Can you name the two most famous bags by Hermès? 
Since I often visit fashion exhibitions and events, I come across interesting facts about various fashion pieces. Bags are one of my biggest passions. I never miss the opportunity to find out more about this accessory piece. In this post I have summarized short facts about the iconic bags of famous fashion houses which I learned during my visits to the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam and the Gucci Museum in Florence.

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Judith van Vliet "Excidium"; photo by SUZANNE WANSINK

Today in my column of interviews I am happy to present a Dutch fashion designer Judith van Vliet. I met Judith during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in January 2015. The interesting mix of architectural and organic forms of her designs caught my attention already from a distance. After a short talk about the collection and inspiration behind it, we agreed to continue our discussion later in the form of a special interview for the blog. Continue Reading

Cover Evolution of Top 8 Fashion Magazines


These magazines are well-known all over the world. Millions of readers purchase their editions in seek of lifestyle and fashion advise. Celebrities of all times are being featured on their covers each month. We are so much used to their nowadays glossy appearances, that it is hard to imagine that some of these magazines have already been around for more than 100 years and encountered drastic changes over time!
For this post I have collected the very first and the latest covers of the top 8 fashion magazines. What a difference!

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Happy Birthday Chanel 2.55!!!

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One of the most iconic bags of all times – Chanel 2.55 – celebrates its 60th anniversary in February 2015. Exactly 60 years ago in February 1955 Gabrielle Chanel introduced the famous 2.55 shoulder bag to the market.
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic Chanel piece, the museum of bags and purses in Amsterdam Tassenmuseum Hendrikje is currently hosting a temporary exhibition named “Happy Birthday Chanel! 60 years of the 2.55”. Continue Reading

Dorhout Mees F/W 2015-16: Amsterdam Fashion Week


My this year’s first catwalk show and one of the last shows of the fashion week was the catwalk by Dorhout Mees.
STAGES is the name of the new collection, where the designer, inspired by declined and decayed theaters, was translating it into a wearable artwork. For about 15 minutes everyone was carried away into a world of old, forgotten theaters, where one can still hear the echo of the very last performance. Continue Reading