Artuyt: When Fashion Meets Art

A fun, colorful scarf is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a great way to dress up a simple outfit and give an extra touch to any style. Sometimes, however, scarves are not only a beautiful fashion attribute. When combined with art, a simple scarf transforms into a special way of communication with the world. Feelings, culture, values and even history can be traced in prints and colors of the scarves.

Last week in Yerevan (Armenia) I had a very interesting talk with the founder of “Artuyt”, Arevik Arakelyan. Founded in 2016, “Artuyt” aims to promote the exquisite artworks of Armenian contemporary artists within the country and beyond. Colorful scarves produced by “Artuyt” are the exact replicas of their artworks. Each scarf is a unique masterpiece that guides the wearer into a magical world of Armenian art.

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Make-Up & Hair Trends Fall/Winter 2015

IMG_3868 copy
A couple of weeks ago in Amsterdam I had an interesting chat with two talented ladies who are specialized in make-up & hair (MUAH) styling.
While Natalia and Elena were helping me to create a look for that evening (I was invited to the Global Denim Awards in Amsterdam), I had time to ask them some questions on the latest trends in MUAH for the fall/winter 2015-2016. Continue Reading

“Flowers are my biggest inspiration…” Anush Sahakyan

My today’s column of interviews with young and talented fashion designers is about Armenian designer Anush Sahakyan. Bright, colorful and daring, her creations caught the hearts of local fashionistas – from popular tv presenters till young fashion lovers. Continue Reading


Judith van Vliet "Excidium"; photo by SUZANNE WANSINK

Today in my column of interviews I am happy to present a Dutch fashion designer Judith van Vliet. I met Judith during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in January 2015. The interesting mix of architectural and organic forms of her designs caught my attention already from a distance. After a short talk about the collection and inspiration behind it, we agreed to continue our discussion later in the form of a special interview for the blog. Continue Reading



Intelligent and interactive clothing, high-tech fabrics, clothes with fully integrated computers…It is hard to believe that a time will come where technologically sophisticated garments will become part of our everyday wear. However, a lot of research and work on technology in fashion has already been done and still continues in this field.
Electronic couturier and innovator Anouk Wipprecht is one of the pioneers in the field of technological couture. Her designs move, breath and react to the environment around them.
Read my interview with Anouk Wipprecht on >

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“The nature is my biggest inspiration” Iveta Burenkovaite

Today in my column of interviews with young and talented designers I am happy to present Lithuanian artist Iveta Burenkovaite and her label Iveta Silk Art.
For already a year Iveta presents her creations on silk, revealing the beautiful magic of silk art. Inspired by nature, Iveta’s work reflects her vision of beauty and harmony in nature. Continue Reading