Dorhout Mees F/W 2015-16: Amsterdam Fashion Week



My this year’s first catwalk show and one of the last shows of the fashion week was the catwalk by Dorhout Mees. Founded by the Dutch designer Esther Louise Dorhout Mees in 2010, Dorhout Mees is all about elegancy, based on the contrast of organic and constructional forms.

Last Wednesday the designer presented some amazing pieces with 3D designs from her previous collections during the “Fashion & Digital Art” downtown event (you can check the article here), so I was already anticipating something special for the evening.

The catwalk was hosted in the Gashouder – a former factory building, where usually most of the Amsterdam Fashion Week catwalks are being organized.
One of the first things that caught my attention upon entering the show-hall was the soft yellow light from hundreds of light bulbs that were decorating the catwalk area. In the back under a big screen, an orchestra was rehearsing the pieces for the last time before the show. I quickly occupied my place. A couple of minutes later the fashion magic began.

STAGES is the name of the new collection, where the designer, inspired by declined and decayed theaters, was translating it into a wearable artwork. For about 15 minutes everyone was carried away into a world of old, forgotten theaters, where one can still hear the echo of the very last performance.
The collection was all about the contrast of shapes and fabrics. Accentuated waistlines and voluminous sleeves, sheer dresses with knitted skirts or velvet decorations…each piece was the reflection of long abandoned theatrical decors and costumes.

The source of catwalk images:; PHOTO © TEAM PETER STIGTER FALL/WINTER 2015

The fascinating tunes of  the orchestra performing well-know classical pieces (including a piece from my favorite ballet “Swan Lake”) were giving an extra chic and coziness to the whole atmosphere.
It has almost been a week since the show day, but I am still impressed. Every time I close my eyes, an image of beautifully dressed models walking along the catwalk under the tunes of the Swan Lake appears in my memory.

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