“Fashion & Digital Art”: Amsterdam Fashion Week

On Wednesday evening, all excited about the upcoming event, I headed to the station to catch the train to Amsterdam. The last couple of days have been quite busy for me, I didn’t get enough sleep and was very tired when I took my seat in the train.  Apparently the monotone motion of the train worked like a sleeping pill on me and it wasn’t long before I fell asleep in the train!
I was sleeping so deep that I didn’t realize we arrived to Amsterdam. Only when one of the last passengers in my coach, a very friendly old lady gently touched my shoulder I woke up.  She told me that we are already in Amsterdam and the train will soon go back to The Hague.
Luckily she woke me up, otherwise I would have just spent my evening sleeping in the train back and forth between The Hague and Amsterdam. I thanked her, quickly put on my coat and rushed to the art’otel where everything was already ready for the evening.

Day 6 of the Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown brought art and fashion lovers together during the Downtown event “Fashion & Digital Art”. The event was hosted at the 5&33 gallery at the art’otel Amsterdam. I was really looking forward to this event, since the program on the website was promising quite an interesting evening.
When I arrived, the main exhibition hall was full with guests. The welcome speeches by the representatives of the Fashion Week and art’otel were already over and everyone was looking forward to the fashion presentation by Dorhout Mees. I rushed to occupy a place. Seconds afterwards the show began.

The designer presented her key items from previous collections, where she incorporated 3D artwork. In the background a series of a mini-documetaries were revealing the inspiration and work process of the designer. In the end of this article I added a short video from the show.

After the fashion presentation I started to explore around.  Along with the eye-catchy pieces by Dorhout Mees, an amazing exposition on digital art by the Lumen Prize Exhibition was presented in the gallery.

Some of the exhibits were not displayed on the paper, but on monitors, screens and even on walls. For example, the installation below, called MURMUR (Lumen Prize 2014 Silver, Chevalvert, France), enabled the communication between a passer-by and a wall. The installation simulated the movement of sound waves, turning it into light waves displayed on the wall.  If one pronounce a word in a special microphone, it will be displayed as a light-wave illustration on the wall. I experimented with my name and below you can see the  illustration of my name in light-waves. It was a lot of fun to try this installation out!

Later in the evening we had an opportunity to witness the “magic ” of 3D printing in a specially organized demo corner and even get a custom made piece printed! Unfortunately it took about half and hour to print one piece, so only one lucky lady had a chance to go home with a custom made 3D printed key chain.

This was it on the 6th Day of the Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown. It was an amazing evening where fashion and digital art came together to reveal an unusual combination of these two worlds. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in the comment bar below! Till next time!


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