“Fashion Evolution”: Amsterdam Fashion Week

Day 2 of the Amsterdam Fashion Week Downtown brought “Fashion Evolution”. For one day the Volkshotel, one of the most creative places in the city, turned into a true fashion bazar. Favorite brands along with young designers and artists came together to present one of a kind pieces from their collections.

Amazing vintage items, felted coats and bags, gold plated accessories and much more…. If you are following me on social media you have already seen some of the photos from the event and probably are looking forward to the details.


Let’s start from the beginning. From the early afternoon the Volkshotel opened its doors to fashion lovers, presenting exclusive creations of designers and artists.
Since the day before I was at the Fashion Week opening party and came home quite late, I arrived at the Volkshotel later then I was initially planning. By the time I reached the hotel, the hallway was already quite busy and everyone was waiting for the official opening speeches by the representatives of the Fashion Week Netherlands & the Volkshotel.

When the official part was over, I started to explore around.  I really like these type of sales-exhibitions. You get an opportunity not only to see the items, but also to talk to the designer and find out little details about the brand that you would have never known if you have been buying in a regular store.
The event area was divided into 4 segments. The largest part was the area of an indoor market, where young designers and artists were selling unique pieces from the collections. Since I often visit fashion markets and events, some of the brands were already familiar to me, while others were a new discovery. Even the youngest fashionistas were not left aside. Specially for them The Cool Heads, a contemporary boy store, presented its cute collection of clothing, accessories and toys. Here are some of the labels presented:

In a separate hall within the main area Amsterdam based designer Fernanda Fernandes was selling pieces from her collection in her very first pop-up store.


In a so-called Wooden Hall The Next Closet presented exclusive vintage items from well-know brands, including Armani and Prada.

And last, but not least, downstairs in a cozy bar-like area designer Mirte van Wijngaarden was revealing her vision of the male evolution via a video installation.


This is it about the second day of Fashion Week Downtown. I hope you enjoyed my article. Some other interesting Downtown events  are still on, so check my blog for more! In one of my further posts I will share also my outfits for fashion week. So stay in touch and  don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below! Till next time!


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