Ode To Dutch Fashion

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Viktor & Rolf, “Flowerbomb”, s/s 2005

Hi guys,

Last week I visited the  “ODE TO DUTCH FASHION”  exhibition  at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. Apparently it is the biggest overview on Dutch designs ever presented, so let’s have a look what it is all about.

The exhibition showcases Dutch fashion from 1900 till nowadays. It is divided into ten key themes that cover all aspects of Dutch fashion revealing its typical characteristics namely clean lines, sharp geometric patterns and unusual contrasts.

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One of the first exhibits upon the entrance is a dress from Viktor & Rolf ‘s s/s 2015 haute couture collection. It was quite exciting for me to see this piece in real life! I have seen the collection many times on TV and in fashion reports and here came a chance to check all the details and fabrics from a very close distance!

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Viktor & Rolf, “Van Gogh Girl”, haute couture s/s 2015

The exhibition features a number of other well-known pieces from various collections by Viktor & Rolf , including the clogs  from f/w 2007 collection and “Abbey” dress from s/s 2003 “Flowers” collection.

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Viktor & Rolf, f/w 2007

Viktor & Rolf, "Flowers" s/s 2003

Viktor & Rolf, “Flowers” s/s 2003

One of the most beautiful exhibits for me was the royal blue gown designed for Queen Máxima by Jan Taminiau. The Queen wore this dress at King Willem-Alexander’s investiture in 2013.


Image source: vogue.nl

As you know I am very interested in the latest developments in the field of fashion and technology. Thus another theme I was looking forward to check out was the Futuristic theme.
Dutch designers are quite famous for their achievements in this field. Anouk Wipprecht, Pauline van Dongen and, of course, Iris van Herpen are well-known for their contributions in the development of future fashion.
The exhibition was showcasing the designs by Iris van Herpen – one of the leading designers that uses 3D printing technologies in her collections.

Along with extravagant designs by Viktor & Rolf, chic gowns by Jan Taminiau  and  futuristic creations by Iris van Herpen, the visitors can admire also the designs by Frans Molenaar,  Bas Kosters, Fong-Leng, Frank Govers and many other well-known designers.

The exhibition will last until 7 February 2016.  The price of a regular ticket is € 13,50. If any of you are in The Hague during this period, I would definitely recommend you to visit it.

This is it for this time. I hope you have enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in the comment bar below!
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  1. such a great article! I like your unique style & unique posts:- totally different fashion material we used to get:- an intelligent fashion observer! all the luck to you

  2. Love those stunning fashion symbols from clothing to clogs and especially, I like those contrasting and vibrant colour schemes everywhere. Really ravishing.

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