Always Surprising: Marlous de Roode

Today my column of interviews with young and talented fashion designers is about Dutch accessory designer Marlous de Roode. Her designs are refreshing, conceptual, and always surprising.
Marlous graduated at the Utrecht Academy of Art in 2007 where she specialized in product design. Passionate about accessories, as a graduation project she presented her very first collection of bags.
In 2009 Marlous started to collaborate with her sister, fashion designer Dorrith de Roode and launched a joined label Les Soeurs Rouges. Since then the sisters are working hand by hand in creating avant-garde garments and accessories for women.

My first meeting with Marlous was during the Ladies Night at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague in October 2014. Back then the sisters were presenting their latest collaboration: a collection named “Le Parc Perdu”.  The collection was inspired by the history of The Hague Zoo that was active between 1863-1943. It was a mix of the history and imagination on how the Zoo would have looked liked nowadays. Ape looking shoulder-bags, frog shaped pendants and belt accessories, bags decorated with leaves….the unusual designes caught my attention immediately.

A couple of weeks ago I was hosted at Marlous’s shop-studio in The Hague. Hereby I am happy to present my interview with her.
StyleBlog’N: You have very extraordinary designs. What inspires you for your creations?
Marlous: Yet, there is always a certain concept(theme) behind each of my collections, anything can be my inspiration. Fairy tales, dreams, nature, history of the city, origami, even chocolate boxes. My collection Chocolate was an inspiration from a shape of a chocolate box.

StyleBlog’N: Why did you decide to start your own label?
Marlous: A passion towards fashion has always been in my family. Both my grandma and my mom were working in the fashion industry for many years. Their love to fashion passed to me and my sister Dorrith. It was not a surprise that we both eventually followed their path. It has always been our dream to have a family fashion house. By the time I graduated, my sister was already working as an independent clothing designer. Our first collaboration was during the Fashion city event in The Hague in 2009. We presented a joined collection, where Dorrith was the designer of clothes and I accessorized the looks. A week after that event we received an invitation to present our collection on the window of one of the most famous clothing stores in The Netherlands: deBijenkorf. We enjoyed working together so much that eventually decided to join our forces under one label.

StyleBlog’N: What materials do you use in your collections?
Marlous: During my study years I used to take extra classes to learn traditional bag making techniques and master the process of working with leather. Since then I work only with the finest quality leather. 

StyleBlog’N: On what are you working currently?
At the moment me and Dorrith  are working to finalize the collection “Le Parc Perdu”.

StyleBlog’N: I know that next to the designing activities you give also workshops on colour analysis and colour advice for clothing. How did you come up with this idea? Can you tell a bit more about the workshops?
Marlous: Colors surround us everywhere and sometimes can even influence our mood. I have always been sensitive towards colors and their combinations. My passion to combine different colors and the wish to help others in selecting the best matching color for them led me to try out color coaching.
During the workshop the natural look of the person is analysed by the hair, skin and eyes. Afterwards harmonizing colors are being recommended and three colour characteristics are being examined, the undertone, the purity, and the hue of the colors. It’s always a unique and individual approach to advice on the colors.

StyleBlog’N: What is next in your plans? New project, ideas?
Marlous: We are working on the possibility to enlarge the production of our designs in the near future.

COLLECTION: Chocolate, 2009; Photography Michael Danker; Hair and Make up Saskia Wagenvoort; Model Shantinella Mariano

COLLECTION: Chocolate, 2009; Bags and Accessories Marlous de Roode; Fashion Dorrith de Roode; Photography Michael Danker Hair and Make up Saskia Wagenvoort; Model Shantinella Mariano

This was it for this time. Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below! Btw, Les Soeurs Rouges accessories are available online at I hope you enjoyed this post! Till next time!


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    • I also loved the idea of a model coming out from a broken paper, as if it is a chocolate box. Simple and, at the same time very creative. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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