The Most Interesting 3D Designs in Fashion

One push on a button and custom-made accessories, shoes, eye-wear, even a wedding dress is printed! How cool it is to be able to create your own designs within a few hours.
3D printing technologies are being actively incorporated in many aspects of fashion nowadays. Designers all over the world create innovative and unique designs via 3D.
For this post I have selected some amazing 3D creations of fashion designers: from the simplest designs that are accessible for everyone till the most elaborated prototypes of future clothes.


3D Printed EyeWear Frames

Biz Eyes 3D printed eyewear frames with interchangeable rings by Nasim Sehat – an Iranian designer living in Shanghai. Unlike traditional eyewear Nasim’s designs give an opportunity to change the style of the frame to best “suit your mood” and outfit. Thanks do detachable rings it is possible to create different eye-catching variations of the frame. At the moment only 6 different designs are available.

3D Printed Shoes

In April 2015 within the framework of Milan design week the architectural shoe exhibition ‘Re-Inventing shoes’ was organized by United Nude and 3D Systems Corporation. The exhibition presented 5 unique designs of 3D printed ladies footwear created by a select group the worlds leading architects and designers.

3D Printed Wedding Dress

Here comes the bride…! An internationally renowned 3D printing design company XUBERANCE in March 2015 presented world’s first 3D printed wedding dress  at TCT+ Personalize Asia – the leading exhibition dedicated to 3D printing.

3D in Haute Couture

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen is one of the leading fashion designers that uses 3D printing technologies in her collections. In fact she was the first designer to present 3D printed dresses both in static and flexible forms.

 3D in Electronic Fashion: The Spider Dress 2.0

 3D technologies are also actively used in the filed of electronic fashion. In January 2015 a robotic Spider Dress 2.0 designed by electronic couturier and innovator Anouk Wipprecht was presented at an electronics and technology trade show INTEL CES 2015.  The base of the dress is leather, the top and shoulder part is 3D printed. The dress deals with the concepts of “personal space” –  when someone approaches too close to the wearer it will attack the “unwelcome guest”. My complete interview with Anouk about the Spider Dress 2.0  you can find here.
Anouk-Wiprecht-Spider-Dress-Smart-Dress-4-620x413 Anouk-Wiprecht-Spider-Dress-Smart-Dress-3-620x413

This is it for this time. I hope you enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below! Till next time!


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