What you didn’t know about Gucci…….

In October during my weekend trip to Florence I was one of the first to attend the newly opened Gucci exhibition. From unique masterpieces by Guccio Gucci till the latest Gucci designs were revealing the formation and evolution of the House of Gucci.
Luxurious bags, clothing, chic evening gowns and even home decor and leisure accessories. It is hard to imagine all of this started in the beginning of the 20th century with the production of travel-trunks.

During his stay in London young Guccio Gucci was inspired by elegant travel-wear of the upper class. Upon returning to Italy he opened an atelier specialized in the production of high quality  travel-wear and accessories. Even in the beginning of the 20th century his first suitcases and  travel-trunks were already reflecting a confident and dynamic style of the future.


Due to their original designs, innovative materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Gucci handbags became the signature of the fashion house.  Evolving over the years iconic handbags like the Bamboo Bag and the Jackie were created.


SHORT HANDLE BAGS, RAFFIA, LEATHER, PIGSKIN, LATE 1950’S AND EARLY 1960’S. Image source: www.guccimuseo.com

The first handbag with a bamboo handle was created in 1947. The lack of materials and fabrics during WW II, pushed  Gucci to search for alternative solutions to produce  his designs. Bamboo imported from Japan replaced the traditional leather  handles, creating one of the most successful handbags of the House: the Bamboo Bag.


Gucci Bamboo Bag. Image source: www.guccimuseo.com

Apart from famous Gucci bags the exhibition addressed the story of The Floral theme and development of the logotype, as well as revealed not so known pieces of Gucci home decor and leisure accessories.

One of the most spectacular parts of  the exhibition was the hall with Gucci evening gowns. Designed for exclusive events and worn by world- famous female stars, these gorgeous gowns were another confirmation of exquisite craftsmanship and refined taste.


Image source: www.guccimuseo.com


Image source: www.guccimuseo.com

It was a fascinating exhibition where past and present were mixed to tell the fashion tale of Gucci.

In the end, as usual, something extra: a retro car with Gucci fabrics.


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