“Flowers are my biggest inspiration…” Anush Sahakyan

My today’s column of interviews with young and talented fashion designers is about Armenian designer Anush Sahakyan. In 2010 she establish the label POLLO by Anush Sahakyan, which, shortly after has become one of the most successful fashion labels in Armenia. Bright, colorful and daring, her creations caught the hearts of local fashionistas – from popular tv presenters till young fashion lovers. Accessories by Anush are one of my favorites too, I wear them quite often in various occasions.


StyleBlog’N: I know that you have a degree in Economics. Why did you decide to make a switch towards fashion?
Anush:  I have always had passion for making clothes and accessories. As a child I could spent hours sewing for my dolls, who were always standing out with their unique outfits. Besides, both my parent were involved in a creative design industry, so me and my brother grew up in that environment. When the time came for me to choose a specialization, despite my great passion for fashion, I (as most of the young people in Armenia) “played safe” and selected a specialization that could ensure working place and income in the future. However, after graduation I realized that my heart still lied in fashion, so I decided to give it a try. By that time my mom already had her jewelry label “M&G Jewelry”, where I started my first steps as a designer.  


Photo by Vigen Mnoyan; Hairstyle by Anna Hovsepyan; Model: Mari Avanesyan

StyleBlog’N: When did you start your label?
Anush: I started POLLO by Anush Sahakyan 5 years ago. In fact, the company was registered on my birthday and became the biggest present for my 20th anniversary. Back then I was making only accessories. Since 2013 POLLO by Anush Sahakyan presents also a clothing line for women, as well as kids-wear (since 2015).

StyleBlog’N: You have very eye-catching accessories. What inspires you for your creations? What materials do you work with?
Anush: Flowers are my biggest inspiration. I love flowers. The flower theme is always present in my collections. Everything has a flower shape or somehow involves flowers, especially camomile. As per materials, I work mosty with gemstones and rhinestones combining them with knitted elements. I also have accessories from leather.

StyleBlog’N: Apart from accessories you have also a clothing line. How would you describe the style of your collections?
Anush: My first collections were more casual, while the latest one includes also evening dresses. In Armenia women like to dress up and unique evening dresses are always in demand here. In general, I like a simple and minimalistic style as everyday wear and more elaborated chic items for the evening.
One of the specifics of my collections are colors. I love bright colors. They make me happy and this happiness I try to pass to the wearer.  Sometimes I combine at first sight uncombinable colors.


Photo by Vigen Mnoyan; Hairstyle by Anna Hovsepyan; Model: Mari Avanesyan

StyleBlog’N: Your latest collection includes evening vests both for women and kids decorated with beads. How long did it take to make such a piece? 
Anush: Each vest takes about a month to make. 

StyleBlog’N: I know that POLLO by Anush Sahakyan is a part of a M&G Family company and that together with  your family you host fashion shows. When can we expect the next one?
Anush: Indeed, it has happened that all of us are involved in fashion. As I have already mentioned my mom creates  luxury jewelry from gemstones, while my brother is a bag-designer. Even though each of us has a separate label,  we cooperate together during fashion presentations. We are planning to organize a show in September, where I will present my new collection. 


Photo by Diana Bostanchian; Hairstyle by Anna Hovsepyan

Thank you Anush for such an interesting conversation! I wish you all the  best with your upcoming fashion presentation and looking forward to our next meeting!

This was it for this time. More accessories by POLLO by Anush Sahakyan you can check online at www.mix-and-matches.com. I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below! Till next time!


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  1. Absolutely awesome! Years ago, flowers were used in lieu of necklaces; hence, everything old is new again. By the way, are you a model; if not, you should be.You have presence and know how to project. Thank you for sharing and continued $ucce$$ with your dyn0mite website!:))))

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