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From September for eight weeks I was following a course on basic styling (Basismodule Styling) offered by the Artemis Styling Academie in Amsterdam.

My choice  for Artemis was a bit of a “gamble”. There are a number of institutions in The Netherlands that offer various short courses in fashion and styling.
According to my internet “research” the leaders in the field are:  Artemis Academie, Academie Vogue and B Academie.

However, there are almost no independent reviews about the quality of studies at the mentioned institutions. The only more or less “review” I could find was a short, not very informative discussion in one of the Dutch forums. As the name of Artemis was popping up (positively) a bit more often in the discussion, my choice fell on it.

Along with full-time and part-time bachelors in styling, the Academie offers  three short introductory courses. The costs and duration varies per course.  My choice fell on the Basismodule Styling. According to the website of Artemis, during eight weeks we would be introduced  to “the important aspects of styling”. 

The Course: what to expect

Language: Dutch
Duration: 8 weeks (3 hours per lesson)
Costs: 480 euro (excluding materials)

Already from the first lesson we started creating so-called moodboards – a sort of collage inspired by our feelings/mood on a certain subjects. The process itself was quite fun and creative. On later stages we have learned also some professional “jargon” and started working with the concepts of  focus-/ taste groups, color-cards, material-cards.

Besides the teacher (fashion stylist) was bringing the examples from her own practice. I found it useful for understanding the behind-the-scenes of styling .

We were also introduced to “the world  of trend-forecasting”.  I was really looking forward to that section of the course, hoping that we could learn some valuable trend-forecasting techniques. To my disappointment the information we received was quite vague.

The culmination of the course was an individual project where we were given a task to develop a product using all the concepts we have learned.


Positive Negative
Informative ( basics) Time inefficiency
Creative Lack of feedback
Big class
  Too much focus on fashion

In general, I find the course informative.  However there were times when I was feeling left aside because of my Dutch (even though as a non-native speaker I have quite a good level of Dutch (NT2 2)).
Taking this into account I would not recommend the course to those whose Dutch level is lower than B2.  Even then, there is a big chance you may miss out group discussions and some important details.

One of the negative points that I noticed during the course was the inefficient time management. Every week we had homework assignments that we were supposed to present during each lesson. There were 19 students in the group. Sometimes the presentation/discussion of one student’s assignment would take up to 8-10 minutes, which shortened others presentation/discussion time. It happened to me a few times that my assignment was left unattended because of the lack of time!
I find it disturbing, since we all pay the same amount of money (quite some money!) and would assume to get more or less equal attention. Solution: Pitch style talks ( max. 2 minutes).

The course also lacked critical feedback on assignments. I understand that the creative field is difficult to assess, but still some feedback on progress would have been useful for further development. Not even mentioning that some home assignments were left completely undiscussed. I guess the same time management was the problem.

Another disadvantage was that the course was mostly focused on fashion. For me it was great, but some fellow-students really  lacked styling information on other fields, such as interior or media.

In general I had the impression that the teacher had so many things to tell in such a short time, that it led to ineffective timing. It would be wise if the Academy reconsidered the curriculum or cut the amount of students in the group.


Taking into account positive/negative aspects, also the quality of information that you get during the course, I find the course overpriced. In total I have spent between 700-750 euro (tuition fee, course materials, transportation).  I think it doesn’t worth that money. I would not advise to pay more than 300 euro for that class. 

Even though it was a fun experience, considering all the above mentioned I would really reccomend to think twice before joining the course.

If you also have experience with similar courses it would be great to hear your opinion! Please share the link to your article or let your comment below! Let’s find the best fashion course together!

This is it for this time. Next year I am planning to follow and review other courses in fashion. So let’s stay in touch! 


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  1. Thanks a lot for this review!! I was actually thinking of joining this same course in March, but I guess now I will look for other options 🙂 Indeed it doesn’t seem to be worth that money. Thanks again and looking forward to your new reviews 🙂

    • Hi Malou,
      Thank you for your comment. To be honest if you have money and doesn’t know where to spend, this course can be that place 🙂 But if you are really saving up for some decent education, I would definitely not recommend to waste your savings here. It is better to keep saving and actually apply for long-term education. Because, anyway, for this type of educations you need to pass an entry exam. All the other information that we have learned during this course would be taught in the first semester. I guess it makes more sense just to save money for something bigger 🙂
      Success with your studies! If you want to know more details about this course feel free to send me a private email 😉

  2. Hello, nice article, well informed on the course…. I have been studying fashion styling at Amsterdam Fashion Academy… it is a part-course, every friday from 9 to 5 and at the end of january is coming to the end…. it is in english and a bit expensive!!!! included the transportation, luch breaks….for more info
    I live in the Hague and I am a mum of one as well so it has been big challenge for me to do this course…. I am a passionate with fashion and I wanted to take my passion one step futher…. Keep up your blog. I like it very much. Kisses Maria

    • Hi Maria,
      Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I am very happy to hear you liked reading it! Thanks also for sharing the link to that fashion styling course at Amsterdam Fashion Academy! I did not know about this course. Sounds very interesting. But, indeed it’s quite expensive.
      Can you tell a bit more about your experience with this course? Do you like it? Does it worth to pay so much money? I would love to hear some more details.


  3. Hi Naira, thanks for asking me to say a bit more about the course. As I mentioned it before, it is a part-time course, (one day a week at the academy (6 hours per week) for 15 weeks. All lecturers are english native speakers, so you need advanced level of english if you don’t want to miss something…… The lesson has two parts, the theoretical and practical part. I really like this way, and often the academy organises several events in order to put our knowledge and creativity into action. The class consists of a small group of people (maxium 9), so the most of the time you have the time and the chance to express your self and get a good feedback… if you like, you can check out its website, new courses are coming up soon….. Have a lovely day. Kisses Maria

    • Hi Maria,
      Thanks a lot for sharing with us your experience! Sounds very interesting course! I love the fact that the course consists of theoretical and practical parts.
      Plus I like a lot that they organize events to put into practice the knowledge you have gained during the course. It’s very important not only from the perspective of gaining practical experience, but also building the network. As you know networking is very important in The Netherlands 😉
      Thanks also for sharing the link to the course! I have already checked it out 🙂 and have one more question: do you learn during the course about different fabrics and/or fashion history?
      I find these two topics very interesting.


  4. Hello Naira,
    During the course, there wasn’t any specific section dedicated to fabrics and fashion history. On the other hand, the lecturer often or when it was necessary mentioned things or tips about how to choose a good quality of fabric or what is the best fabric e.g for evening dress….. We learned also the terminology of clothes…… As for the fashion history, at this academy, you learn about that, when you attend the foudation course….. I am also learned a lot about fabrics when i did sewing courses at the….. it is also in english. Maybe you have already known about these ladies….

    On Saturday, 14/1, it is an open day, here in the academy, if you have time, feel free to come over and have a look at the facilities and have small talk with the stuff…

    Have a lovely weekend and keep in touch



    • Hi Maria,
      Unfortunately I couldn’t make it yesterday to the open day. But after what you have told about the course, I got very much interested in it. It seems it is much better structured then the one I have followed. It’s good that the teacher give some tips about fabrics. I think it’s very important if you want to deepen the knowledge on fashion.
      Btw. I know the sisters de Roode. I even published an interview with Marlous in my blog. Here is the link
      I like their collections (especially accessories). Marlous designs very original bags and hair accessories.

      Btw. are you planning to continue your studies at AFA after this course?


  5. Hi Naira, thanks so much for the text. I really enjoned your interview with Marlous. I do not know her very well but I like a lot her creations. I have often the chance to talk a bit with her on wednesdays, when I have a sewing course with her sister Dorrith. There is nothing to worry about it. You have an other chance to view the academy on March 25th, it’s saturday. As I have already told you this course is coming to the end on january 27th, and I keep going with an other part time course, fashion Business. I want to make a complete academic year at school. I also think that both courses are stepping stone into fashion world…..
    What are your plans for the coming months? Have a lovely evening and we can meet up one day, we have a lot in common…… many kisses. Maria

    • Hi Maria,
      This course also seems very interesting! I would also love to do a fashion study. To be honest I am still in search. I am looking not only on the content of the course, but also on reputation of the institute in a job market and opportunities that they provide for their graduates. Because in the end of the day it is the job afterwards that matters 🙂
      Btw., great idea to meet up! Indeed we have a lot in common!
      If I am not mistaken you also live in The Hague, right? How about grabbing a cup of coffee in the city center ? I have two weeks of holidays in the mid. of February. May be we could plan something during that period?
      Here is my email address:
      Please send me your contact details, so we can keep in touch 🙂
      Have a nice evening!

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