Tartan Mania

As you have probably noticed, tartan style patterns are booming this season. Coats, pants, skirts, shoes…..Even tights are available in tartan!

H&M, €19,99

You will definitely not pass unnoticed wearing an item with tartan. But be careful, it is a very rich pattern so make  sure not to “overtartan” the look.
As it has become already a tradition to share with you my favorites from the stores, I present you my selection of tartan patterned garments.

SOHO, €39.99

This season Mango presents blouses with different variations of tartan pattern. The only thing that’s left is to team it up with your favorite jeans and your stylish casual look is ready.


MANGO, €34,99

MANGO, €29,99

For those who prefer more modest colors, Karen Millen offers tartans in blue and grey shades. This combination is perfect for office look. Teamed with turtle neck top and dark tights, you will look trendy and yet, within the office protocol.

Karen Millen, € 475,00

Karen Millen, €150,00

Since the pattern is quite intense, I prefer one tartan garment in the outfit. Two may also look nice if the patterns are similar. More than two will already look busy and disturbing for the eyes.|
I like combining tartan with unicolor pieces. My favorite combination is tartan with black. The pattern looks also nice in combination with ivory, grey, dark green and blue.

Karen Millen, €130,00

As of footwear and accessories, Tommy Hilfiger offers nice choice of boots and bags in this pattern.

Tommy Hilfiger, €199,90

Tommy Hilfiger, € 149,90

And in the end tartan tights by Pamela Mann. Btw., these tights will look cool with short woolen A-line dress.

Pamela Mann, € 11,95

Pamela Mann, € 11,95

Don’t forget to let me know your opinion in a comment bar below 😉






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  1. Tnx for the article & advices. Your high style feeling is so obvious. Can’t wait to shop my stylish tartan. 🙂

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