Victoria’s Secret Store In Amsterdam Is Misleading Customers

Last Monday I was at Schiphol international airport in Amsterdam and while waiting for my sister to arrive I decided to check the Victoria’s Secret store there. Since it is the only Victoria’s Secret store in The Netherlands, I always use the opportunity to shop there while I am at the airport. This time was even better, as there were sales.
I got 6 pieces all with 50% discount.  I was in a hurry, I quickly paid the requested 40 euro, picked my purchase and left.
Only in the evening at home I though to check out the bill and was very surprised to see a difference between the prices on product tags and the prices on the actual bill. Btw. the original prices were very well covered by discount stickers, so I literally had to pull off all the discount tags to dig to the original price.

As you see the prices are the following: 10,50 + 9,50 + 10,50 + 10,50 + 14,50 + 13,50
Total: 69 euro (without discount)
                                                                    Total (50% Off):  34,50 euro

Since two black pieces are totally the same, but the price for one is 9,50, for the other is 10, 50, I assumed the first price was a mistake and recalculated the price adding extra 1 euro.

                                                              10,50 + 10,50+ 10,50+ 10,50+ 14,50+13,50
Total: 70 euro (without discount)
                                                              Total (50% Off):  35 euro

And now comes the most interesting part of this whole story- the bill with the total of 40 euro!
Btw. the store is not located on a territory of a Duty Free Area, so 21% tax off should not be applicable in this case. Plus on the bill you can clearly see the separation between the price (33,06 euro) and 21% tax (6,94 euro).

But even if we add to all prices extra 21 % we are still not getting that 40 euro!

10,50 + (10,50 * 21/100) = 12,705  
14,50 + (14,50 * 21/100) = 17,545 
13,50 + (13,50 * 21/100) = 16,335

                                                       12,705 +12,705 +12,705 +12,705 +17,545 +16,335
Total (with 21% VAT): 84,7 euro
                                                        Total 50 % Off (inclusive 21% VAT ): 42,35 euro

I have no idea how the store’s register came up with the price of 40 euro in total, but it seems to me very suspicious!
Unfortunately I am already on my way to France (for holidays) and can not go back to store with my questions, that’s why I decided to share it in this blog so you guys will be more attentive while purchasing items at Victoria’s Secret store in Amsterdam.
This is actually not the first time I am encountering price misleads in The Netherlands, especially in touristic areas. So be careful and pay extra attention while shopping!

That’s it for this time! Don’t forget to share your opinion is a comment bar below!

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  1. Oh no!! thats awful! I hate when stores put misleading discount signs- it really makes me not want to go back there. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Katerina, I am very happy to hear that you liked my blog! Thank you so much for the nomination! I will definitely check it out! xxx

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