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Hello everyone,

I popped in today to share very happy news with you. My little angel – Mila is born! She is almost three weeks old. She is such a cutie-pie  🙂 We are incredibly happy to welcome her  in our family. A baby is truly the best gift life has to offer!

As you know I live in the Netherlands and below are two typical “Dutch things”  you do when the baby is born.

Birth cards

After the the baby is born the parents usually send out special birth cards to family and friends informing them about the addition in the family. Besides the name of the baby and the date of birth, the cards usually include information on newborn’s height and weight. In the bottom of the card you can find the contact information of the parents and visiting hours. This is done in order to make sure the mother and baby can rest at specific times and are sure not to have any visitors.

Beschuit met muisjes (biscuits with mice)


Beschuit met muisjes – is a traditional Dutch treat that is being served to the guests who visit the newborn. It’s basically a biscuit with butter and candies called muisjes ( translated as mice because of a small “tail” that is attached to each candy). The candies have anise in it, which is said to be good for new mothers. Pink-white candies are being served when the newborn is a girl, blue-white – when it’s a boy.

This is it for this time. Baby Mila is already awake, I need to rush to feed her 🙂
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Till next time!


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